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Baristame - Coffee Guide PRO


Baristame - Coffee and Espresso Drink Guide PROFeatures:☆ Drink section that breaks down popular espresso based drinks.☆ Learn section that covers educational topics such as Beans, Roast, and Countries of origin, and more☆ Brew section that covers popular manual brewing methods such as French Press, Chemex, and V60 Drip☆ Ratio calculator that automatically calculates coffee to water ratio depending on your settings.☆ Brew Timer with instructions steps for each brew method to help keep track of time when brewing your cup of coffee!☆ NO ADS! NO PERMISSIONS! Advertisements not only take up your screen but also drain precious battery life since it needs to connect to the internet.
All images are copyright to BARISTAME and may not be used without direct approval. Please contact dabs.apps at gmail dot com for questions or comments about the images or content. If there are any inaccuracies please send an email and I will make changes if they are correct.
Feedback:Please feel free to contact me for any updates you would like me to include in the next version. Also any drinks that I missed too, please let me know and Ill include it!
Also let me know what language you would want this app to support. That would be great for me to know which languages are interested. Thanks!